Per Gotesson
AW23, Traces


An exploration into the traces and fragments of sartorial memories.

Inspired by talismanic objects, the collection explores the symbolism of transience, luck and protection.

Operations and Range Planning: Callum Baylis
Creative Direction: Per Gotesson
Art Direction: Calum Knight
Styling: Nicole Walker
Photography: Luke Abby
Hair and Makeup: Takanaka
Jewellery: Husam El Odeh
Digitoile: Kathy McGee
Talent: Levent, Spencer, Callum
Shoes: Blundstone
Press: Agency Eleven
Sales Agent: Showroom Nu
Studio Team: Callum Baylis, Oleg Ratnikov, Euan McDonach, Yvonne Tang, Sun Ho Kim, Donghan Li, Louis Mayhew
Words: Alfie Cherry