Ritualistic destruction of eight talismanic objects, each one holding onto and trapping bygone memories. 

An obsession of collecting objects, imbued with meaning and symbolism, is contrasted with the acceptance of impermanence. 

The release of physical attachment is a move toward mental detachment, toward solace and new horizons, through a phoenix-like burn and rebirth.

- Objects in order of appearance:
1. Love Note
2. Token
3. Lighthouse
4. Key Fob
5. Bingo Pen
6. Hawaian Necklaces
7. T-Shirt Necktag
8. Event Wristband

Placeholder images

All images raws yet to be edited
All images of canvases to be reshot, and group to be shot once mounted

8 6.6cm x 6.6cm canvases, mounted on a custom frame, constructed from reclaimed wood, chain and nails.
Photography: Ellis Brown