Armand Basi
by Per Gotesson 


Recontextualising key archetypes pulled from Armand Basi’s extensive archive, Gotesson has envisioned a genderless capsule shaped by the slick geometry of Barcelona’s cityscape, juxtaposed with the relaxed elegance of Catalan people.

Operations and Logistics: Callum Baylis
Creative Direction: Per Gotesson
Jewellery: Husam El Odeh
Art Direction Calum Knight
Project Manager: Sara Mauri
Photography: Alexandra Cepeda
Styling: Jaume Miro
Hair & Make Up: Itziar Nzang
Production: Maria Perez
Lead Pattern Cutter: Kipper Ding
Studio Team: Mo Xie, Alfie Cherry, Alistair Lynes
Press: Agency Eleven